Lindsay Lohan: A Boyfriend (and Girlfriend) Retrospective

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We've previously taken a look back at the love lives of two of our favorite celebrities, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. When it comes to turbulent and often wild romantic retrospectives, these two have few, if any rivals.

Lindsay Lohan is one of those rivals.

Below, The Hollywood Gossip reflects on the men (and women!) who have seen Lindsay Lohan nude. The list is not short, nor filled with people you have heard of. What a long, strange, drug and girl-on-girl action-fueled trip it's been ...

2001-2002: Aaron Carter. If it seems like forever ago, that's because it was. This is before A-Cart dumped Lindsay Lohan and started not nailing Hilary Duff.

2003-2004: Wilmer Valderamma. No idea how this guy used to get laid so much, but the proof is in the pudding, just as Valderamma was in Lindsay Lohan.

2005: Courtneay Semel. Supposedly, Court introduced Lindsay to the ways of the vagina. This has not been confirmed, but we wouldn't be too shocked either.

2006: Harry Morton. The handsome CEO of the Pink Taco restaurant chain lent himself to many jokes about pink tacos that just never get old. Unfortunately, their relationship did. Probably because Morton doesn't drink or do drugs.

2006: James Blunt. This wasn't the first time Lindsay took a Blunt object to bed. But it was the first time one crooned "You're beaut-i-FULLL" annoyingly afterward.

2007: Calum Best. The British model and man-whore was tapping that for awhile. There were later rumors that he circulated a cellphone picture of Lindsay servicing him, but he denied this took place. That there was a photo, anyway.

2007: Criss Angel. Poof! For one night back in the day, the illusionist made Lindsay Lohan's panties disappear. Talk about the easiest trick in the history of magic.

2007: A.J. Lamas. Lindsay had a brief relationship with the stepson of Shauna Sand and the sister of Shayne Lamas. Their love lasted about as long as it took our alcoholic heroine to down that beverage she's holding in the photo above.

2007: Riley Giles. Relationships that you start in rehab always end well. Or at least net a couple of marathon sex romps, mug shots and classic images like this.

2007: Stavros Niarchos. The Greek God of Poontang is known for dating Mary-Kate Olsen, Hilary Duff, and especially Paris Hilton. But he also got with Lindsay ... at least once. When you are Stavros motherf*%kin' Niarchos, this is a inevitable.

2007: Spencer Guilbert. This relationship was so short, we didn't even get a photo of him. But you know Spencer Guilbert still had sex with Lindsay Lohan.

2008: Alessandro DiNunzio, Dario Faiella and Eduardo Costa. One trip to Italy. Three dudes. For anyone else but HoHan, this would be really surprising.

2008-Present (with approx. 192 breakups): Samantha Ronson. Hey, everyone likes those. Eschewing semen, Lindsay longed for her manly DJ BFF in more ways than one. She eventually got her ... then got dumped, then got back together ...

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