Stephen Colbert Invades Iraq, Gets Head Shaved

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Last night, Stephen Colbert paid tribute to U.S. troops during a taping of The Colbert Report in Iraq, getting his head shaved in one of Saddam Hussein’s palaces.

As military personnel watched, Gen. Ray Odierno followed videotaped orders from the Commander-in-Chief himself, President Barack Obama, and shaved his head.

Colbert's dome is a show of solidarity with the 130,000 troops still stationed in Iraq. Stephen has been taping his comedy show in Iraq for the past week.

Here's Colbert getting shorn ...

BIC IT: Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert gets the military treatment.

The comedian's ability to bring humor to a serious, often divisive situation while still showing he supports the troops above all else is no small feat.

The Colbert shaved head is a (hilarious) reminder of the sacrifice our men and women in uniform make every day, regardless of our political views.

Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando airs this week. Follow the jump for a video of Stephen Colbert talking about it on Good Morning America:

Funny stuff, and in the name of bringing attention to an important story. Terrific job by Stephen. Here are a few more photos of Colbert's head shaving:


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