Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag Want Back on "I'm A Celebrity," Devil Blamed For Previous Meltdown

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Just two days after their hilarious meltdown on I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here, and one day after supposedly packing their bags for good, Spencer and Heidi Pratt made a live mea culpa from the jungle last night.

To blame for their behavior, they say, was the same, bad-ass dude who unsuccessfully tempted Carrie Prejean during the Miss USA pageant - Satan himself.

"We realized that we made a big mistake and that the devil got to us and said, 'Get out of the jungle," Heidi said. "[But] it's not even about us. It's about the charity, and it's about the experience. We took that for granted. We're pleading insanity!"

Added Spencer Pratt: "It took us getting out of the situation to realize we had lost our minds. They should have brought a straight jacket, night one, on me."

It's been a different Speidi each day on "I'm a Celebrity."

Despite earlier outbursts in which he said he was an All-Star playing with the Bad News Bears, and proclaimed himself too rich and too famous to be there with the other (non) Celebrity cast members, Spencer Pratt is now singing a different tune.

"I love all those people," he said.

"I think they're amazing and I want to learn from their experience because they all have unique backgrounds. I looked at the whole experience selfishly. I'm here for good. I don't even know if I'm ever going home back home!"

The couple's new objective, according to Heidi Montag? "We want to thank America, and try to win back everyone. We want to win for our charities!"

Awesome. The episode ended with the group voting on whether the Pratts could return. Will they be allowed? Did Speidi plan to return all along?

Who knows. But here's their apology:

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