Simon van Kempen: I Don't Have Sex With Men!

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Adam Lambert is gay, out of the closet with Drake LaBry and proud of it.

Conversely, Simon van Kempen wants to set the record straight... literally!

The husband of Alex McCord, a cast member on The Real Housewives of New York City, is sick of people thinking he's homosexual.

"If I was gay, I would be gay, but I'm not!" he told Us Weekly yesterday. "I don't want to have sex with men!"

Simon van Kempen loves his wife, not sexual intercourse with men. He wants to make that clear.

Well, that should clear rumors up.

Then again, van Kempen does love to shop and to be pampered, as McCord's co-stars often point out. How do you defend yourself against these accusations, Simon?

"If other manifestations of gay means that I like to wear nice clothes and go shopping, then I guess that's fine!" he said. "I love fashion, but I love my beautiful wife. That makes me gay?"

In closing, van Kempen makes a profound point: "I am Simon, I am not anything more than that. I'm just a loving husband."


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