Ray J: Still Looking for Love, Attention, Skanky Sex

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Poor, lonely Ray J.

Shockingly, Cocktail, Danger and the other suitors from the first season of For the Love of Ray J could not fill the hole in this rapper's heart left by Kim Kardashian.

Either that, or none of the girls would let him pound her on video.

But Ray J is not one to take rejection (or sex partners) sitting down! The aspiring singer prefers to get on top of his problems (and sex partners; seriously, we've seen the pics) in a proactive manner, as evidenced by the fact that he's signed on for a second season of For the Love of Ray J.

Attention, single ladies: This could be you! For the love of Ray J, and future sex tapes, apply for this show today!

The VH1 press release, announcing this monumental programming decision, reads:

As viewers saw last season, dating a hip-hip star is a full-time job which includes red carpet events, the paparazzi and handling all the crazy fans.  For Ray J, dating has never been an issue – it’s finding the perfect woman that can be harder than you think… especially when you’re a celebrity.

Since things didn’t exactly work out with his last girlfriend, Ray J is back to give love a second chance. As R&B’s most eligible bachelor, Ray J is determined to find a woman he can settle down with.

Wanna be this woman? Visit rayjcasting.com... and a psychologist.


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