NBC Turns Out the Lights on Speidi

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Wondering why you hadn't heard from Speidi in the past 24 hours? Well, just about the only thing that could silence the gruesome twosome took place.

They tried to quit three times already, but a repentant (supposedly) Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt spent the night in the dreaded "Lost Chamber" as the cast of I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! voted on their possible return.

The plastic pair thought they'd be surrounded in the dark by creepy critters as they had earlier in the week, but this time, "We did a more interesting psychological experiment," says Paul Telegdy, NBC's executive V.P. of alternative programming.

In scenes likely to be shown on Monday's episode, Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were tormented by the sound of an acorn dragged by a fishing pole along the floor of the chamber, and the feel of wind on their backs, blown by a small tube.

"When we cut the lights," Telegdy recalls, probably delightedly.

"We have them on infrared cameras, and all we can say is you see two sets of terrified eyes, blinking, goggle-eyed, terror-struck! They prayed quite vigorously."

Before the lights were even shut off, Spencer hurt his hand trying to squish a spider, he called out, "I've dislocated my thumb! Emergency! Call a medic!'"

When the medic asked if Spencer could give a thumb's up, he still could. "'Then you haven't dislocated your thumb, Spencer! Sit down! Don't be ridiculous.'"

Telegdy says the medic responded, adding that Spencer continued, "'No, I've got to see a medic! This is the worst thing I've ever done in my life!'"

Unlike Spencer, we're at a loss for words reading this.

As for their chances of being allowed back on, comedian Angela Shelton, who was the first celebrity voted out of the jungle last night, isn't so sure.

"I think Spencer and Heidi operate on a different form of energy than the rest of us, which may, in fact, be the dark forces," she said. "I think their attacks on people are personal and unprovoked. They have a tendency toward low blows."

"This is a group of people who are going to give people a second chance," Angela added. "I don't think they're going to punish them or make it hard for them. I think they will be totally open to having them back, [giving] them a chance to act right."

Or is it that the producers want Speidi back for ratings?

In one breath, Shelton "swears" [the producers] "are guiding nothing." But when pressed, she admits, "I think we had a vote. We voted no. And they are still getting an opportunity to come back. So that shows you how good the voting is."


She's just getting started. Here's what else the banished comedian had to say about the celebrity gossip world's most notorious, self-promoting couple:

On Speidi's love of PR: "They are definitely people who are 24/7 on their j-o-b of promoting themselves. That's their gig. That's what they do."

On the Spencer-Angela "incident": "I got hit. Do I believe he wanted to hit me? No. Do I believe he was trying to be absolutely physically threatening? Of course he was. He was in my face, and he slapped something out of my hand. He made contact with my hand. I don't think it was his goal to make contact with my hand, but he didn't control that either. His goal was to be as physically intimidating as possible, which is reprehensible and absolutely ridiculous."

On Speidi's relationship: "You just hit upon one of the positive things I can say about them. What Heidi and Spencer have shown me is that there is truly somebody on this planet for everyone. Together they are united. They cuddle. They're very loving to each other in their own weird evil way. They are made for each other."

On the mental state of Spencer Pratt: "I think he's very unhinged. I'm trying to figure out how he passed the psych evaluation, and by what margin. He'll tell you that. He knows it. They're both crazy. They both kind of take turns on some of the crazy. They are slightly different kinds of crazy."

On getting to know Speidi: "I don't think any of us got to know them. They really did not spend much time with us. They were either asleep or off in front of a camera somewhere alone, and they just did not participate in the camp. And whenever they were there, they were just kind of hollering about their products and endorsement." (Cue Heidi's missing dry shampoo!) The first night we had that torture tank, they didn't even get in. They didn't even try."

On Spencer and Heidi quitting: "They quit a good 10-20 times. It became ridiculous. We all stopped saying goodbye. No, I don't think they should be able to come back at all. Literally, the first thing they said was, 'We're not going to be here long anyway.' They said that their other show, The Hills, was going to start taping soon, and they had no intention of being there very long anyway."

On whether Heidi and Spencer get special treatment: "No. There were jungle rumors. [The producers] have not broken their rules. If they did it with Spencer and Heidi, they did it extremely quietly, and I don't think they did."

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