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Rihanna’s appearance at Game Four of the NBA Finals Thursday caused quite a stir, and nearly resulted in a run-in with her embattled ex, Chris Brown, who was a front-row regular at the Orlando Magic-LA Lakers series and throughout the playoffs.

It turns out Rihanna attended the game because she’s crushing on Rashard Lewis of the Magic, and she and Brown didn’t cross paths, though they came close.

Last night’s Game Five, however, was a different story. The two were sitting right next to each other … or were they? Check out this photo from the game …

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky

Is this a photo of Chris Brown and Rihanna? Follow the jump and see

It’s not! That’s actually Teyana Taylor, one of Pharrell’s singer proteges.

Amazingly, RiRi’s doppleganger is mad at the AP and Yahoo for misidentifying her at the NBA Finals. Here’s what she had to say about it on her Twitter page …

“omgggg if one more reporter say that im rihanna im gonna go crazzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy … I wish the AP would do a little research. since wen am i RIhanna … yahoo and everybody else just did a biggg f***in s**t”

Mmm hmm. How could someone possibly be confused by the girl sporting Rihanna’s recent signature mohawk, with Rihanna’s recent signature shades, sitting one person away from Chris Brown at an event they were both at two days before?

Makes no sense to us.