Katie Price: Snogging Anthony Lowther!

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She only split with Peter Andre a little over a month ago, but Katie Price has already moved on to a new boy toy, model Anthony Lowther, the Sun (UK) reports.

The model also known as Jordan was back in the arms of her new hunk for the second consecutive evening last night, dining with the stud in Ibiza Town, Spain.

Giant Boobs Tie the Knot

Katie Price reportedly went on a hedonistic bender the day before and was seen cozying up to Anthony Lowther and flashing her underwear at the club Eden.

The Sun reported she yelled: "I'm over Pete, I can snog whoever I want!"

Apparently sticking to her word of giving Peter Andre a quickie divorce and moving on ASAP, she headed out with Anthony a second time last night, wearing a ridiculously short white dress. But that's par for the course with Jordan.

Neither Anthony Lowther or Katie Price are averse to ditching their clothes at a moment's notice. In his case, he should definitely do so more often. WTF is that shirt?!

Elsewhere, reports emerged today claiming the 31-year-old had threatened to "cut the face" of a female journalist during her wild night out Tuesday.

According to the woman, Katie Price flew into a rage because she thought she worked at the magazine which estranged husband Peter writes a column for.

She claimed: "She flew at me with a manic look in her eyes and spat in my face: 'I'm gonna cut your f*%king face. I swear to f*%king God I'll cut you.'"

Words to live by.

Jordan is shooting a raunchy new calendar (natch) on the Spanish island. Peter Andre, who kicked her ass to the curb in May, is with their kids in Cyprus.

What does the future hold for Katie and ... Anthony?

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