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Is Kate Gosselin resigned to the fact that her husband had an affair?

In an interview this morning with Meredith Vieira, one half of the couple at the center of Jon & Kate Plus 8 doesn’t go into detail about the allegations surrounding her husband and Deanna Hummel.

But Kate talks like a woman scorned, like someone trying to put the pieces of a broken marriage back together.

“We’re dealing with it just like everybody else does,” Gosselin said, while promoting her new book, Eight Little Faces. (Jon pulled out of the interview at the last moment, as Vieira read a statement in which he denied cheating on his wife.)

Kate Gosselin Interview

“It’s kind of ironic since we do have a reality show and people see the good, the bad and the ugly,” Kate added. “But there are those things we keep to ourselves, and we’re working through it together, and that’s the important thing.”

As for the future, Gosselin seemed hopeful, albeit unsure.

“We’re not perfect,” Kate later said. “I don’t have all the answers… We’re doing our best and learning how we go… We just need to weather this storm.”

Someone get Elizabeth Edwards on the phone. Her and Kate Gosselin need to meet for coffee.