Jillian Harris Shares Some Speedo Thoughts

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In week two, The Bachelorette briefly morphed into The Amazing Date, with Jillian Harris sending the guys on a scavenger hunt to win a romantic date.

Later, she did some two-steppin' with buttoned-up airline pilot Jake, hooped it up with the Harlem Globetrotters, and got a kick out of Mike’s surprise.

If you missed that, well, um, there was a Speedo involved.

Here's what Jillian had to say about the episode in her blog ...


My second week as The Bachelorette was an incredible whirlwind.

All 20 guys moved into the house and I moved into the mansion. It was strange having the master bedroom to myself. I shared that room with six other girls last season.

The first date started as a pool party at the mansion that turned into a scavenger hunt through L.A. I felt bad leaving the party early, but I knew it was part of the game.

I felt so glamorous driving through Los Angeles in that convertible!

Hang Time

JAM SESSION: Jill's basketball skillz were on display later in the episode.

As the guys raced through the streets, I called each of them to see how they were doing. Somehow, Tanner and Mike Stag ended up in Chinatown! I was like, “Where are you?” and Mike was like, “I don’t know, there are all these signs that we can’t read!”

Brian and Ed stopped along the way to get me a flower, which was so sweet of them, but it also held them up. I was lucky that I had time to stop and get ready along the way. The guys had to drive around in wet swim trunks until they changed into their tuxes.

I loved the dress I wore at the Crocker Club. I felt like a total princess in it. And I wore my favorite shoes that my dad got me for good luck.

I felt awful that I could only choose one guy to have dinner with in the vault. I wanted to invite them all in! But, in the end I chose Wes because he was the most mysterious to me and I wanted to get to know him better.

I didn’t know until later that [Wes Hayden] was a little claustrophobic and was secretly freaking out the whole time we were having dinner. He didn’t show it!

The next date was with Jake, and I was so excited.

Up until our date, he had seemed so buttoned up, so I was curious to see if he could let his hair down, and he totally could! I loved dancing with Jake. He taught me how to two-step, and that’s kind of a miracle because I’m so not coordinated.

The third date was the basketball date, and it was a blast! I had my Harlem Globetrotters uniform on under my jacket for the first part of the date and it was really hot.

The guys kept asking me if I wanted to take my jacket off, and I kept insisting, “Nope, I’m fine. Really,” because I didn’t want to blow the surprise. It was Simon’s first time ever playing basketball, and I was really impressed with his efforts.

Playing on the Globetrotters’ team was awesome. Those guys are so funny. I had a chance to talk with Special K afterwards and he told me to watch how my guys play, because it says a lot about their personalities.

For example, if a guy hogs the ball on the court, then he’s going to be selfish in bed. Good thing all of the guys shared the ball that day.

Oh I almost forgot, the real story behind the Speedo. Okay, so after playing basketball, I took the guys for a walk on Venice Beach.

We passed a bigger guy wearing a tiny black Speedo and I casually mentioned, “If any of you guys wear something like that, you will be my hero.”

Right after that, Mike disappeared and we didn’t know where he went. All of a sudden, he runs out into the water wearing that same guy’s speedo!! I don’t know how he pulled it off, but he made my entire day by doing that!

Wow, there’s so much to tell you, but don’t worry I’m almost done.

The cocktail party was overwhelming, with 20 guys, and there were still some that I hadn’t had dates with that week. The part I hate the most is sending guys home. I hate it and it gets harder each time, but I know it’s all part of the process.

All in all, this was a wicked week, and it’s just the beginning!

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