Friends of Jon Gosselin: Cut Him Some Slack!

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Jon Gosselin stands accused of cheating on his grating wife, Kate.

But that's not the case says Pat Fagan, a man that ought to know pretty well: he was the bouncer at Legends Lounge during the night when Jon was spotted with another woman.

Back in Hawaii

"They seemed like casual friends," Fagan told People. "There was no romantic anything. They weren't gazing into each other eyes."

Jon Gosselin has eight adorable reasons - and one annoying reason - to need a break once and awhile.

Then there's this testimony from Dustin Sands, a family friend that has known Gosselin for nearly two decades. He says that his pal just needs the occasional downtime from raising eight kids, while also having his every move chronicled on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8.

"The guy just needs to be cut some slack once in while when he wants to relax a bit," said Sands.

On Wednesday, Gosselin apologized for showing poor judgment, insisting that staying out so late may have been disrespectful to his family, but that he's a loyal, dedicated husband and father.


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