Amy Winehouse May Move to St. Lucia

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Having vacationed there for most of this year so far, Amy Winehouse may be looking to stay in St. Lucia for good, according to recent reports.

The troubled singer has been a fixture on the Caribbean island as she tries to escape her chaotic and often drug fuelled life in London.

The result? A vacation album for all time.

The Sun (UK) claims she is having so much fun, she now wants to make the move permanent by buying property on the holiday isle.

A source told them: “Amy is fed up with all the stress and trauma that comes with being in London... She has made so many friends in St. Lucia and says it feels like home. When she returned to the UK in March she felt like a total outsider.”

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Amy Winehouse partakes in water sports in St. Lucia.

Amy was recently joined in St. Lucia by her father, Mitch Winehouse. The two have been scoping out properties, looking for the best fit for her.

This move is for the best. With Blake Fielder-Civil dating Francesca Morralee and knocking up Gilleen Morris, there's little for her back home.

Sadly, an extended stay on the island means there's no chance of Amy delivering a third album soon, but we abandoned hope of that long ago anyway, and if Lost has taught us anything, it's that when destiny calls, you must heed.


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