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According to Deanna Hummel, John and Elizabeth Edwards have a healthier relationship than her and her brother.

The woman that stands accused of sleeping with Jon Gosselin isn’t taking the accusations lying down (which, of course, is exactly how Jason Hummel claims his sister does take it from the reality TV star).

“My brother is making this all up,” Deanna said to People. “He has no credibility … I can’t even stomach the lies he’s saying about me… [he] is very shady. He has no job. He has a criminal background. He was charged for drug distribution. He’s on probation right now.”

Reportedly, Jon Gosselin rarely drinks alone… if you know what we mean!

While the siblings live together (how awkward must American Idol night be in that living room?!?), Deanna claims she’s in the process of buying the property and asking him to move out. Hence, Jason’s motivation to lie.

“He wanted to get back at me… he knows he’s getting kicked out of the house,” she said.

As for her brother’s claims that he’s heard his sister getting Gosselind in bed with the married father of eight, Deanna simply says this is “completely crazy!”

But is it? Not according to David Reitnauer.


Reitnauer is a security guard at a Pennsylania motel. In an interview with Radar Online, he swears Jon Gosselin often shows up and goes to the bar “Legends.”

And he ain’t drinking alone! Reitnauer says he caught Jon smooching a woman in a stairwell one night, a woman that wasn’t nearly annoying enough to be Kate Gosselin (nor did this kissing partner resemble Jon’s wife in any way).

In closing, Reitanuer once asked a “stumbling” Gosselin, who he says appeared to be “heavily intoxicated,” if he needed help with anything. The answer was no, as Jon allegedly found the way to his car… and handed his keys to Deanna Hummel!