Britney Spears: Not Exactly Low-Maintenance

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London is abuzz over Britney Spears' arrival next month for an eight-show stay at the O2 arena. The Circus has sold out shows all across the U.S., so you know the pop star will be very excited to take her show across the pond.

Provided her demands are met, of course.

When she checks in to capital city's Dorchester Hotel, where she will be staying during her stint in the U.K., she's voiced a handful of requests.

A sampling of the things the venue must provide before it can be graced with the presence of Ms. Britney Spears, according to a hotel source:

  • A room that has "never" been smoked in at all.
  • Humidifiers in all areas.
  • A selection of the latest magazines.
  • A fresh selection of flowers that she will arrange herself.
  • DVDs of her favorite Marilyn Monroe movies.
  • Books. Ideally, topical chick lit novels.
  • Lighting via 100 watt bulbs - no low lighting.
  • Running routes for nearby Hyde Park.
  • Horse-riding opportunities.
  • Tickets for various West End shows
  • A list of different routes to the venue from the hotel to keep the celebrity gossip media (and possibly crazy fans) at bay.
All Chained Down

Britney Spears' arrival in the U.K. will not be described as low-key.

Britney Spears will also be bringing her own pillow supply. This has nothing to do with the hotel, her staff says, it just a comfort thing. Oh, and security will sleep outside her room, and Spears will be checking in under various names.

While in Great Britain, she's also looking to make a "private" visit to Kensington Palace - the former home of one of her icons, the late Princess Diana.

"She travels with a picture of Diana and Marilyn (Monroe) at all times and thinks they are great, powerful women," says a source close to the star.

The high-maintanence guest won't be relocating for her subsequent shows in Manchester, but rather staying at the Dorchester and traveling by plane.

Ah, the life of a sort of crazy pop star. Click to enlarge some recent Britney Spears pictures below and see what the Brits have in store for them ...

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