Levi Johnston Talks with Larry King About Non-Safe Sex with Bristol Palin, Life as an Estranged Baby Daddy

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Thursday night on CNN's Larry King Live, Levi Johnston, the ex-fiancé of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol, who's now accused of being a deadbeat dad (and white trash, among other things) was asked the time-honored question:

"Where did sex occur in their house?"

Levi, a Palin household resident while he and Bristol were still together – answered, "You know, Larry, that I'm a gentleman, you know. And I don't, you know, kiss and tell. So, you know, I don't think that really – that really matters."

What an upstanding young man. A true gentleman doesn't kiss and tell ... nor does he typically whore out his ex and child on the talk show circuit, but hey.

While he wouldn't disclose if he and Bristol did the horizontal mambo on Sarah's bed, Levi did confirm that, at least once, he hit that piece unprotected.

"You said you practiced safe sex most of the time, right?" King asked.

"Right," responded Levi Johnston.

"Most of the time," reiterated King.

"Most of the time," said Levi.

There you have it, folks - it's confirmed. Tripp existing wasn't proof enough.

When Larry King asked if he was surprised he got her pregnant, Levi Johnston admitted, "A little bit, yes. It came as a bit of a shock."

Levi also speculated - as he previously did on the Tyra Banks Show - that he's pretty sure Todd and Sarah Palin were aware of the boning going on between himself and Bristol when they all lived under the same roof.

"You know, I'm not sure. That's – that's a question I can't really answer," Levi said, before adding "I would think they would [be aware of it], yes."

The interview ended with Larry King basically telling Levi Johnston to get a lawyer if the Palins, as he says, won't let him see or take baby Tripp to see his own family. We can only imagine the statement Sarah fires this time.

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Levi Johnston's interview on CNN? Not at all awkward.


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