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Apparently there was some major drama on the set of Lady GaGa’s new video shoot last week, and none of it involved nipple slips. That we know of.

It all unfolded on location at a Bel-Air estate as she made out with male triplets appearing in the new video. That was all according to plan.

What wasn’t in the script, however, was the dance-pop star’s new boyfriend walking in and reportedly flipping out, according to Radar Online.

The triplets, from the Sweedish band “Snake of Eden” were chosen by Lady GaGa to get physical and make out with her in a hot, sexy music video.

Very entertaining for all – except the aspiring Mr. GaGa.

After arriving late to the shoot and seeing this display, “He started yelling at her,” a source close to the scene recounted. Not satisfied with screaming at her on set, he followed her into a makeup room and continued berating her.

Then the jealous jackass turned his anger on the triplets and said: “You guys are a bunch of f*gs. Are you happy now? Did you get what you want?”

One would think that any person who dates Lady GaGa might be accustomed to, or at least not entirely shocked by, such ridiculous and raunchy behavior. Maybe the homophobic ass clown would be better off with Miss California.

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