Even Pete Doherty Thinks Amy Winehouse is Nuts

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When Pete Doherty is intimidated by someone else’s capacity to ingest drugs and consume alcohol, you've definitely hit the big time... and may not have much left.

When Amy Winehouse was just a little known singer, Britain’s druggie music star / tabloid mainstay was Doherty, whose near-daily arrests for narcotics possession, out-of-it appearance and railing of Kate Moss made him a legend.

It is more than a touch troublesome, then, that even the Babyshambles lead singer (who is supposedly clean and therefore far less interesting nowadays than in his 2006-2007 heyday) thinks Amy has taken it a bit far with the drugs.

Eww, Gross

These two really should date at some point.

Pete, who was possibly an even worse influence on Wino during their friendship than was her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, says she's out of even his league.

Talking to the Observer magazine about a possible duet between the two drug loving maniacs that shockingly never ended up happening, Pete Doherty says, “I think we’re very different. Really, really different. She’s hardcore.”

Sherene Flash would attest to that. Click to enlarge more photos of Wino at last week's court appearance, where she pleaded not guilty to assaulting the dancer:

Up to No Good
The Hived One
Wobbledly Wobble
Parading In
Winehouse to the Courthouse
Amy Winehouse Cleavage Pic

[Photo Credits: Splash News Online]

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