Larry Birkhead Pimps Himself Out

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Larry Birkhead has taken a break from pimping out daughter Dannielynn.

Sometimes, a self-serving, exploitive father has to get his flirt on!

The former lover of Anna Nicole Smith was spotted at a club in Hollywood over the weekend. We can only imagine what his pick-up lines were...

  • Golden shower? Sure. Hey, if I'm willing to sell photos of myself and my child at her mother's grave, i clearly have no shame.
  • No, no. They call me Larry Dickhead because of my giant package.
  • My last baby mama ended up dead... lightning can't strike twice, can it?
  • It could be worse: I could be Howard K. Stern.
Birkhead, on the Prowl

Click on the pics below for more examples of Larry Birkhead spending a night away from his cash machine daughter...

Up Yours, Larry!
Lovable Larry
Not Camera Shy
Larry Dickhead
Club Goer

[Photos: Splash News]


Larry Birkhead Quotes

She has a boyfriend. Count from Seasame Street.

Larry Birkhead [on his daughter]

I think about life in a different way. I had kidney stones and was in the hospital for a week in July. I was freaking out thinking, If something happens to me, Dannielynn is by herself. I'm all this little one has left.

Larry Birkhead