Jason Mesnick on His "Amazing" Bachelor Week

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We put "amazing" in quotes because he did. We held off on the CAPS lock, though.

Grammatical chiding side, we very much enjoyed reading the latest blog Jason Mesnick has written about the most recent episode of ABC's The Bachelor.

Here's what he had to say about the three amazing dates with Molly Malaney, Melissa Rycroft and Jillian Harris, and what was his toughest elimination to date ...

Wow - another “AMAZING” week.

With all of the incredible things we were up to in New Zealand, I just kept hoping that I wasn’t letting the excitement of it all affect my judgment.

I knew it was entirely possible to get swept away, so it became even more important for me to keep my head on straight. That’s something I was always thinking about and talking to the girls about as well.

There was no better way to see Queenstown than by helicopter tour. [Jillian Harris] and I were on the edge of our seats as we soared over miles and miles of beautiful landscape, and I felt like I was sharing it with a wonderful friend.

Jillian Harris Pic

But afterwards, the hot tub with Jillian got pretty hot, and that passion was exactly what I needed to feel with her. We knew we had built such a great friendship, but needed to see if there was something more; and obviously there was.

Bungee jumping was so much fun. I have actually jumped once before, but somehow, I ended up being more nervous than [Molly Malaney].

As for the frightful scream, that was all me! I think that’s all part of the fun, just like going on a roller coaster. There really wasn’t any stalling before the jump.

We got up, did our countdown and then we jumped.

She had so much fun that we actually went up and did it again! It was hard to see on the show, but the rain was really coming down. I loved that Molly was so excited and willing to jump! It really showed me how adventurous she is.

Later, Molly asking me to spend the night really showed me that she was there for me and was completely opening herself up to me. I really love that Molly knows what she wants and goes after it. That is so attractive to me.

How about that catamaran with [Melissa Rycroft]? I was really hoping we could just concentrate on us, and not her difficult hometown date.

Not seeing Melissa’s family was an issue, but it really was not going to sway my decision one way or the other. Family is important, but I can't base my decision solely on that.

I am glad Melissa told me what she was feeling. I don’t want anyone holding back. This process is tough enough as it is, and she said exactly what I needed to hear.

Gosh... these rose ceremonies get so emotional for me.

Some might say I am not much of a man, but I can’t hold back what I am feeling. It was so tough sending Jill home; she had become my ultimate friend on this journey, and I know we will remain friends for years to come.

Jill and I always talked about marrying our best friends. But, I told her that for me, it had to be more than that. Though there was passion in our relationship (as you all saw!), it just wasn’t the same passion I had with Melissa or Molly.

Next week, my family comes out to New Zealand to meet the final two girls. I can’t wait.

Happy (belated) Valentines day to the new lady in my life and happy belated Valentines day to everyone reading this.

Who do you think Jason Mesnick will choose on The Bachelor?

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