Creepy New Couple Alert: Chanelle Hayes and Verne Troyer

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How is this for irony?

Chanelle Hayes realy wants to make it a big in Hollywood.

The former UK Big Brother contestant is trying to accomplish that goal... by dating the smallest actor on the planet!

According to various sources, Hayes has been spotted around London with Verne Troyer. Insiders claim Mini Me is even trying to fulfill his new gal's dream and land her a part in the upcoming Austin Power sequel.

“I am such a massive fan of Austin Powers, I love those movies. If the chance came up for a part, I’d jump at it," Hayes said this weekend.

Remember what happened the last time Troyer dated someone?

Can a Chanelle Hayes sex tape really be that far behind?

** Update: Troyer's representative has repeatedly contacted our staff, denying the validity of this story. We have no idea why. It's the best publicity Mini Me has seen in ages.

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