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True American Idol fans, those that watch this show to discover the next great singing talent, turn away now.

Train wreck-loving American Idol fans, last night’s group presentations were for you!

By partnering up various contestants with one another, Fox guaranteed itself an evening of cat fights and drama… and it surely delivered!

It started with “Bikini Girl” Katrina Darrell flaking out on her teammates, refusing to learn a routine, subsequently showing up the next day unprepared and pretty much ruining her group’s chances. Those 15 minutes of fame are down to single digits, bikini gal.

Watch the breakdown below, as the video also includes Tatiana del Toro going a bit insane:

Idol Group Night

There was one bright spot to group night, however: the trio that referred to itself as “Rainbow Coalition.”

We love drama, but we also love Simon Cowell, who often says this is a singing competition. That point was driven home by Danny Gokey, Jamar Rogers and Taylor Vaifanua:

Idol Group Night