Whitney Port Discusses The City, Obama Inauguration

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When she isn't being captured in revealing photos on the beach, the amazing Whitney Port can be found on MTV's new hit The City - or blogging about it!

Here's what the former co-star on The Hills had to say on her official site about Monday's episode, and yesterday's inauguration of the 44th president ...

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In this week's episode of The City, "Boys Night Out," the usual dose of drama escalated to an all-time high. Adam's girlfriend Allie was finally introduced when Jay and I went on a double date with them. Allie is a model and has to travel a lot and was getting ready to leave for a photo shoot tomorrow. She asked me to keep an eye on Adam.

Meanwhile, Nevan was dealing with his own issues, expressing concerns about finding a job to [Olivia Palermo] while at an art gallery in Chelsea.

Whitney Port and badass Aussie beau Jay Lyon.

Back to Allie and Adam - [Adam Senn] and [Jay Lyon] had a boys night out, and somewhere along the line a rumor began that Adam had kissed another girl.

Adam tells Allie about the rumor as soon as she returns home from the shoot. 

She believes him but can't understand why every time she leaves town he has to have a boys night out and hang out with random girls.

As for [Nevan Donahue] and Olivia - well, it looks like Nevan is going to be making a temporary home for himself on Olivia's couch!

As a 23-year-old young woman, I learn so much each and every day that sometimes it becomes too much to soak in and I just want to explode.

Every minute we have fresh emotions, new opinions and infinite thoughts that arise and eventually mold us into the women and men we are meant to be.

Mixing such a phase (my mama calls it the "quarter life crisis") with actually having to relive each moment on television can be a lot to take in.

After watching tonight's episode I really began to ask myself what love truly means. Young adults like us tend to throw the term around and treat it as a manifestation of our imaginations but it has to be so much more than that, right?

What an unbelievable, surreal day this 20th of January has been!

While watching the events of today's inauguration all morning, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with tears of excitement at the prospect of change! I have never been more proud to be a young, American adult.

We have witnessed one of the most momentous occasions in our country's history and must remember these feelings of hope forever and ever.

May we continue to remain open to all walks of life and learn something new every day from each and every person we encounter.

Be sure to embrace such a moment and appreciate how connected we all feel today. Moreover, take from this appreciation the importance of community and sticking together. No matter our differences, we are all human beings that deserve the freedoms such change can and WILL renew.


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I feel like lately, or at least since I've known you, it's been really difficult with friends, like you've had a lot of problems with friends.

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Guys need to realize that they need to wait awhile and that they shouldn't be so desperate.

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