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Whitney Port recently moved from The Hills to The City. It’s a new City, but the drama certainly hasn’t been dialed down since our girl moved East. On the contrary.

Taking time to discuss last night’s episode, entitled “He Never Said He Had a Girlfriend,” Whitney focused on the escalating fight between Adam Senn and his model girlfriend Allie, which we saw unfold in last week’s episode.

Here’s Whitney’s take, as written on her official site


Whitney Port on the Gram

In “He Never Said He Had a Girlfriend,” the conflict continued between Allie and Adam. Jay and Adam threw an art gallery opening and the party had a huge turnout!

Everyone made an appearance, including Samantha’s friend Catarina, who decided after a lunch chat with Samantha that it would be best to confront Allie and let her know EXACTLY what happened between her and Adam.

Adam Senn and Jay Lyon from The City. [Photo Credit: Splash News Online]

After hearing what Catarina had to say, Allie ran to the bathroom in tears with Adam not far behind. They left the party and after arguing outside went their separate ways.

Later on in the episode, Jay and I discussed the situation in my apartment. [Jay Lyon] had faith in his friend and chose to trust that Adam wouldn’t betray Allie like that. 

I, on the other hand, was a bit more skeptical.

In the final scene, Adam and Allie met for dinner at Mercer bar. Adam tried to convince Allie desperately that Catarina was making up the entire thing.

Allie chose to listen to her heart and believe Adam.

So many of us have been in relationships where betrayal has arisen.

I deeply believe that we all need to know our self worth and attempt to achieve that self confidence that we each are capable of owning.

People make mistakes, we are only human.

However, in the case of Adam and Allie, I do not even know for certain that a mistake was made. In the end, what I have learned is to always be there for our loved ones when they need a shoulder to cry on, but when it comes down to it we are the only rulers of our own destiny.


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