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Oh Adnan Ghalib and Sam Lutfi, how we have missed thee at The Hollywood Gossip. Jamie Spears, on the other hand? He’d like to never see them again.

Britney Spears’ father has obtained three restraining orders – against her ex-boyfriend, her ex-manager and his attorney, according to court documents.

Jamie Spears and lawyer Andrew Wallet, who oversee Britney’s affairs as co-conservators, allege that the three men “are now working in concert to disrupt the conservatorship with utter disregard for Ms. Spears’ health and well being.”

Spears’ father says Britney’s cell phone records indicate “numerous telephone conversations” as well as text messages with her ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, and former boyfriend, celebrity news photographer Adnan Ghalib.

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SHADY AND SHADIER: Britney Spears hangers-on Adnan Ghalib, left, and Sam Lutfi.

“[Britney] innocently informs [Adnan Ghalib] of her destinations and he then arranges for paparazzi to meet and film her to his financial benefit,” Jamie Spears says in court documents. “[Adnan] is harmful to Ms. Spears and to her recovery.”

Her father also alleges that on December 27 and December 28, 2008, Sam Lutfi tried to contact Britney Spears through her hairdresser with the message that Lutfi was “not responsible for the conservatorship” of Jamie Spears.


The conservatorship has been in effect about a year now.

Sam Lutfi allegedly sent a text message to the hairdresser saying, “I’ve done everything I can to free her from this. Very close to getting her free now.”

The restraining orders forbid Sam Lutfi, 34, and Adnan Ghalib, 36, from contacting Spears or coming within 250 yards of her, her property or family.

Jamie Spears also got a restraining order against lawyer Jon Eardley, who was working with Sam Lutfi in challenging the conservatorship proceedings.

A hearing on the matter is set for February 23.

Sam Lutfi was originally slapped with restraining orders by Jamie Spears’ lawyers before. But in July, a lawyer for the singer said they were no longer necessary to renew because enough legal protection was in place.

Last October, Britney Spears’ father and attorney Andrew Wallet were named permanent conservators by the court, granting them indefinite control over her legal, financial and personal affairs following her two forced hospitalizations in early 2008.

Hopefully these two guys stay the hell away indefinitely. Talk about bad news. Click to enlarge some classic pics of Britney with Sam and Adnan …