Police Still Investigating Scott Ruffalo Shooting

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The shooting death of Mark Ruffalo's brother, Scott, does not smell like a suicide or accidental death, according to TMZ, which cites law enforcement sources.

When cops arrived at the scene of Scott Ruffalo's shooting, they recovered two loaded guns. Law enforcement officials also say that the call they received originally was to respond to an assault, not a suicide or accidental death.

Shaha Mishaal Adham, the woman who was in Scott's apartment at the time of the shooting, said Scott was playing Russian Roulette because he was "crazy."

But cops aren't necessarily buying Adham's R.R. theory. For starters, who shoots himself in the back of the head when they're playing Russian Roulette?

Brian Scofield
Shaha Mishaal Adham

A warrant was issued for Adham, but she was released after questioning. Could there have been a mystery person or persons involved? Does her story not add up?

Police sources say that the paramedics didn't even know Scott Ruffalo was shot until he was on his way to the hospital. They say the wound was not apparent.

As for Shaha Mishaal Adham and her boyfriend, Brian Scofield, they say they have been "vilified" and the truth will come out, acknowledging there was indeed a mystery third person in the apartment. So stay tuned ...