Taco Bell: 50 Cent Can Eat It

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Taco Bell is going for the whole enchilada in defending itself from a suit filed by 50 Cent, claiming the rapper's tough-talking $4 million lawsuit (alleging trademark infringement) from earlier this summer was nothing but a publicity stunt.

The fast food chain definitely answered the legal Bell, so to speak, in its attempt to straight up dome Fiddy when it comes to his credibility.

The Bell attacked 50 as a gentleman whose work "falls in the sub-genre of hip hop music known as 'gangsta rap,' a style associated with urban street gangs and characterized by violent, tough-talking braggadocio." Or something.

The Taco peeps also claim Fiddy only filed the lawsuit to "burnish his gangsta persona." Not sure how suing Taco Bell would do that, but whatever you say.

50 Cent sued over Taco Bell's promotional campaign where they offered to give $10,000 to charity if the rapper would change his name to 79, 89 or 99 Cent.

His lawyer tells us "Taco Bell needs to be stopped" and that "Mr. Cent intends to vigorously pursue this case." Seriously, he referred to him as Mr. Cent.

You know what they say: Mo' money mo' problems. Combined this with his many lawsuits against Shaniqua Tompkins and Fiddy has his legal hands full.


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