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Katy Perry likes kissing girls. In fact, you may have even heard her song about that subject a couple of thousand times this summer and fall.

But there’s a certain batch of girls who she thinks can kiss off.

Don’t count this girl-on-girl action hero among the four million fans of MTV’s The Hills. In an interview with Blender, Perry had this to say:

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Premiere Pic

“Those ladies are a different breed. A cheeseburger’s fine if you’re looking for something quick to fill you up, but there’s no substitute for the filet!”

Katy Perry likes girls. And apparently a good steak.

Those be fightin’ words! While we totally agree with Katy that some girls need to eat more in Hollywood, why pick on The Hills specifically?

Lauren Conrad is no Shenae Grimes. That’s all we’re saying.