Face-Off: Will You See High School Musical 3?

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The long-awaited High School Musical 3 premieres nationwide October 24. Will you be lining up to get in, or are you tired of all things HSM? Two staffers at The Hollywood Gossip debate just that in this afternoon's Face-Off ...


HECK YES by Hilton Hater

The two most popular reality shows on TV are American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. So how is there even a debate over whether or not one should see a movie that comprises the two key elements of these programs, dancing and singing?

Indeed, High School Musical 3 is more than a chance to say goodbye to characters that have ingrained themselves in our lives (remember when Troy wasn't dating Gabriella? Feels like an economic crisis ago!), it's an opportunity to bid farewell to the East High students through dance numbers that would make the cast of Rent jealous.

Unlike Saved by the Bell, which forced viewers to sit through some brutal college years, as well as a lame movie set in Las Vegas, High School Musical characters such as Sharpay and Chad are leaving on top of their game.

None are expected back for future films in the franchise.

Having followed these teenagers through their most awkward years, we can't imagine turning our backs on them now. Especially with the senior prom featured in the movie. Who will be named king and queen?!?

In closing, the other major motion picture opening Oct. 24 is Saw V. Which screams would you prefer to hear: Those of people about to be tortured to death, or those of fellow High School Musical fans when Zac Efron locks lips with Vanessa Hudgens?

HECK NO by Free Britney

Zac Efron's biceps or surprise Vanessa Hudgens nude scenes spliced into the Director's Cut aside, there is no absolutely no reason to see HSM 3.

Yes, it's a commercially brilliant venture and yes, the kids love it. But someone's gotta say it - this entire overrated franchise is mediocre at best.

It is badly danced and badly lip-synched. The songs are only catchy in the sense that you wish you could get them out of your head the next day. The whole experience makes a Britney Spears concert (2005-now, even) seem groundbreaking.

But what really turns me off is overexposure - the cultish fascination and pressure to embrace another mass-marketed Disney corporate brand.

Wake up. Disney is a cutthroat conglomerate that will do whatever it takes to get you - Generation YouTube in Paris Hilton’s America - to open your wallets, no matter what kind of glossed-up garbage it has to manufacture and force-feed you.

Stop the madness. Reject the kitsch. Revolt against the regime. Use free will and be an individual, not part of a mob that blindly follows and obeys what the marketing suits command. Demand change we can believe in, rather than more of the same.

Disney's High School Musical franchise has soared in popularity. But in the eyes of one writer, with that popularity, it's become overexposed and lost the fire.

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