Dina Lohan Denies Daughter's Ugly Betty Dust-Up

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Despite reports of a feud between Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera on the set of Ugly Betty, Dina Lohan says her daughter had fun working on the show.

"It was just silly," Dina Lohan said. "America's a doll. And when they said [Lindsay Lohan] brought a posse with her, it was my mother and myself, and [sister Ali Lohan]. It was not a posse. We had sushi and no one trashed the room."

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Dina adds that Lindsay doesn't know why her six-episode guest stint on the ABC show was cut to four, but says the actress enjoyed her time there.

"She had fun on Ugly Betty," says Dina at Animal Fair magazine's Halloween Pet Costume Party in New York City. "It was long hours and when you're on a movie set it's a lot different. She's not used to TV, but it was fun."

A LOHAN FAMILY MOMENT: America's favorite family smiles for the camera.

As for Lindsay's relationship with her girlfriend, Michael Lohan isn't the only parent signing off on the girl-on-girl action - Dina approves as well.

"We've known the family for years, so it's great," says the White Oprah of Samantha Ronson. "Sam is so tough and smart. "She's a sweetheart."

Adds sister Ali Lohan, "We just want to make a $h!tload of money Lindsay to be happy. Whatever she is happy doing, we're happy with."

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