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We’ve heard from High School Musical icons such as Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron.

Now, let’s seee what the director of High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Ken Ortega, has to say about the big screen debut of his franchise.

In a recent interview, Ortega delved into a summary of the circumstances that students at East High find themselves in when the film opens. 

“We’re on a different plane in terms of our story and the stakes that our kids are dealing with,” he said. “We come in during spring, at the end of the basketball season, so it’s this transitional moment and our characters are looking toward the future, to college and their lives beyond school, and wondering what’s going to happen to their friendships and their relationships.”

As for how High School Musical 3 will differ from the two previous installments, each of which was just a made-for-TV movie, Ortega talked about the budget and expanded limits a theatrical release allows for:

“We have more money and a little bit more time, so this film is going to be bigger and more multi-dimensional. You’ll see that especially in the dance numbers.

We’ve got a number on the basketball court, up on a rooftop, in a junkyard, in a tree house, and there’s a great range of styles, which has been great fun for me. There’s a little bit of Broadway in there, a little bit of funk and hip-hop, as well as ballet and ballroom.”

Remember: High School Musical 3 premieres on October 24. That’s one month away!