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A father. A son. Meth. The police.

This is family bonding at its finest. A timeless rite of passage. A little taste of bygone Americana that brings a tear to one’s eye.

Authorities said they were conducting a routine probation search – because, you know, Redmond O’Neal has been in legal trouble before – at the family’s Malibu home when they found him in possession of methamphetamine.

A vial of the drug was then, allegedly, found in Ryan O’Neal’s room.

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The drug-doing duo were held on $10,000 bail. That’s per person.

Ryan, 67, and Redmond, 23, both posted it and have been released.

Redmond O’Neal’s mother is Farrah Fawcett and his half-sister is Tatum O’Neal, who was, crazily enough, arrested July 1 for trying to buy crack in New York City.

This isn’t even the first mug shot of Redmond O’Neal we have on file at The Hollywood Gossip – that would be this one. Wipe that smirk off your face, smart ass!