"Father" of Rielle Hunter Love Child Providing Zero Ca$h

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Bristol Palin may be pregnant, but the political scandal of the year still belongs to John Edwards and his now-admitted mistress, Rielle Hunter.

Despite Edwards campaign aide Andrew Young's claim that he, not the former North Carolina Senator, fathered the baby of Hunter, he hasn't given her a cent, according to research from the National Enquirer, which broke the story.

The 44-year-old Hunter is still getting cash from somewhere, but no child support or other monetary compensation has been made by Young.

Andrew Young said last year - when Rielle Hunter was seven months pregnant and the scandal first broke - that he was the baby's father.

Frances Quinn Hunter

But when Rielle gave birth in late February, no father was listed on the birth certificate of her daughter, the adorable Frances Quinn Hunter (above).

When the Hunter-Edwards connection was first being uncovered, Andrew Young sprung into action, presumably under Edwards' command - helping Rielle leave N.Y. City and hide out for a while in North Carolina.

Now Andrew Young has fallen completely off the planet.

"He hasn't even spoken to Rielle in almost two months since she lived with him and his wife Cheri and their three kids in Santa Barbara, Calif., as part of the cover-up," says a source close to the John Edwards loyalist.

"As you can imagine, that wasn't a great living situation, and after Rielle Hunter and Cheri butted heads, Rielle moved into her own home. The Youngs no longer have contact with Rielle. If Andrew was indeed the father, don't you think Rielle would be asking for child support? Andrew never has supported Rielle financially."

Neither Rielle Hunter nor Andrew Young, who is still married, have offered any evidence of a prior romantic relationship, and turned down a request to take lie detector tests about the paternity of Rielle's child.

In his "tell-all" admission of an extramarital affair with Hunter, Edwards offered to take a paternity test. Rielle quickly (and conveniently) shot that down, saying it was not going to happen and that she would not comment further.


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