Orianne Cevey Breaks Heather Mills' World Record of ...

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... most fake legs? ... most nude photos?

Both good guesses, guys, but we're talking about the record $46.76 million (?!) divorce settlement - in cash - that Orianne Cevey will receive from Phil Collins.

They've been married six years, the UK's Daily Mail reports.

Not a bad payday for marrying a rich musician.

Orianne Cevey will walk away with $2 million more than what gold-digging queen Heather Mills was awarded in her split from Paul McCartney.

This is not Phil Collins' first experience shelling out massive amounts of ca$h to a pissed off spouse. His second wife, Jill Tavelman, got a reasonable $34 million following their split in 1994. And that's before inflation!

Of course, his net worth is around $280 million, so he's doing okay. Collins, 57, and Cevey, 35, have two kids: Nicolas, 8, and Matthew, 4.