Face-Off: Will There Be a Spencer-Heidi Sex Tape?

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Besides Zac Efron, there's nothing celebrity gossip readers love more than sex tape scandals. Today's Face-Off focuses on one that some believe is inevitable - and if it is, will be leaked with the full knowledge of the featured fornicators ...


YES by Hilton Hater

Heidi Montag has long been planning a sex tape with Satanic fiance Spencer Pratt.

Why else would the talentless reality TV star have gotten breast implants in 2006? She's watched large-boobed amateur porn stars Kim Kardashian and Pamela Anderson in action. Heidi knows small chests don't move videos.

Spencer, meanwhile, has also been laying the ground work for a sex tape. Remember when he accused Lauren Conrad of filming herself and Jason Wahler getting it on?

The savvy businessman was testing the waters, seeing if fans of The Hills were ready to see their favorite stars faking something other than dialogue for a change.

Pratt has also taken on the role of director for Montag's music videos. The camera angles he's chosen for these shots make it evident he's memorized the shots Ray J set up for himself and Kardashian. The man is a pro.

Recently, Heidi and Spencer admitted they're likely to get married in front of the camera, while also stating they wish to remain on The Hills through season 10.

But with ratings down for this Monday's premiere, something has to change for Speidi to realize its dream of earning money off reality TV fame forever.

You can only receive cash for running on the beach for so long. Eventually, you need to be banging in the bedroom.

NO by Free Britney

Sex tapes are for shameless attention whores, a category into which Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt fit perfectly. No arguments there.

But such tapes are typically implemented in one of three ways:

  1. Socialites looking to make names for themselves (see Hilton, Paris).
  2. Guys looking to cash in on hot chicks they once railed (see J, Ray).
  3. Skanks coveting money just as badly as those in categories #1 and #2, but even more desperate and lacking good looks or career options (see Shrider, Ranae; Mojica, Olivia; Toof, Toastee; Diamond, Dustin, et al).

Right now (via serendipity and their own marketing genius) Speidi has more money-making options than they can even count.

They pocket $10,000 minimum for every one of their cheesy, staged photo shoots and 3-5 times that for joint nightclub appearances. That's not even considering what they must rake in from The Hills itself and other deals.

They're getting rich and doing nothing. Therefore, in this rare case, a sex tape would actually hurt these reality TV legends.

These two plastic media whores are as shameless as it gets - but would Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt go so far as to make a sex tape?

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