Brooke Hogan Has Lost It

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Granted, the headline above implies that Brooke Hogan once had it.

Still, the awful singer and reality TV star has reached a new low in her attempts at attention.

Brooke posted a pair of pretend mug shots on her MySpace account this week, holding a sign in one of them that claims she'd rather be with her brother in jail. We assume fashion sense is a crime in some states, so this may still be plausible.

Brooke Hogan at 2017 Grammys

After publishing the photos above and below, Brooke acted as though they garnered a lot of press, while proceeding to pretend as though that was not her intention. Here's her latest blog entry:

LOL poor press and clingy gossip lovers....

It's so funny that the smallest thing I do can jack up everyones day...LOL sorry I ruined your little gossip world today people.........or did I give you something else interesting to cling to for your boring worlds? :) Stay tuned! I might go shave my eyebrows tomorrow! Lets see what other fun things I can think don't you have a life to live? I know I do! Peace!

Facing a difficult family life, Brooke Hogan is crying out for attention.

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Brooke Hogan is the daughter of a very famous wrestler. She has an awful singing voice and maybe even worse taste in fashion. Brooke does... More »
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I thought we were one of the normal Hollywood families. It's crazy watching it all fall apart, but I hope for the best.

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I know if I was 48-years-old, I wouldn’t date a 19-year-old. I just don’t feel it’s her. And through all this stuff, I really need my mom, and she’s doing her own thing. I don’t talk to her anymore.

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