Axed Lawyer Wants Big Piece of Britney Spears

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Britney Spears is looking hot and getting back on track.

That is, until these particular legal bills arrive in the mail.

Stacy Phillips, one of the itinerant members of Spears' legal team, has let it be known that ding dang it, lawyer bills can be bank-breakin' ya'll!

According to a declaration filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the owes a staggering $338,414.87 to Phillips for services rendered.

Phillips only repped Britney from March-June, after Laura Wasser opted out - and didn't even win or strike any deals in Spears' custody case!

Of course, Spears is also on the hook for the legal fees of Mark Vincent Kaplan (the attorney for Kevin Federline). But to give Phillips' robbery a little perspective, K-Fed won - and Kaplan billed a relatively modest $250,000.

Not shockingly, there are rumors of a lawsuit in the works, as Britney Spears' camp is fuming and raising objections to the sum.

But that's a discount, says Stacy Philips, who states that the tab includes not only "time already deducted as a courtesy," but significant time "written off" and $75,000 that she has previously billed and expects to get next month.

Phillips was dismissed before Spears' custody settlement was reached last month with the help of the recently reinstated Wasser.

It was she, not Phillips, who ultimately helped Britney Spears obtain more visitation privileges with sons Sean Preston and Jayden James (although ex Kevin Federline still retains sole physical and legal custody).

Laura Wasser's bill totals $60,075.

Phillips says that Brit's ongoing conservatorship arrangement, which gave her father, Jamie Spears, control over her financial and medical affairs - and which gotten much of the credit for her recovery - is quite complex.

We'll see about that. Attorneys for Jamie Spears indicated in court last week that they will contest his little girl's legal bills.


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