Random Couples Watch: Russell Brand and Teresa Palmer, Lily Cole and Jude Law

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Fortunately, the Cynthia Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez divorce hasn't put a damper on love for all celebrities.

A pair of random hook-ups are making the celebrity gossip rounds, led by British actor Russell Brand and Australian actress Teresa Palmer.

According to The Daily Mail, Brand is even looking to settle down with Palmer, who has been linked off-screen with Adam Brody in the past and on-screen with the long-rumored Wonder Woman movie.

Russell Brand, Teresa Palmer

We have no opinion at all on the relationship between Russell Brand and Teresa Palmer.

Meanwhile, serial dater Jude Law is at it again.

The 35-year old has allegedly been sleeping with 20-year old model Lily Cole for the past couple of weeks. On Saturday night, a witness reported the following about this new couple:

"There was no blatant kissing, but it was obvious they were more than just friends. Jude was being very affectionate and gazing into her eyes."

Lily Cole is the latest notch on Jude Law's ever-expanding bed post.

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