Face-Off: Are Madonna & Alex Rodriguez Boinking?

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Rumors of an Alex Rodriguez-Madonna affair are taking the celebrity gossip world by storm. But is the story just that - gossip - or is this a bona fide affair? Two of our pundits sound off on the subject in this afternoon's Face-Off ...


Madonna and Boyfriend

YES by Free Britney

The torrid affair between Alex Rodriguez and Madonna is so obvious, I don't even have to make real arguments. I'll let the facts speak for themselves:

-- Numerous celeb news sites have pegged A-Rod at Madonna's NYC pad, late at night. A source says "all the doormen are talking," too. Whether or not this source is Derek Jeter, we can't say. But doormen don't lie.

-- They hung out the night Cynthia Rodriguez gave birth to their second child! Pals don't "hang out" in such circumstances. Peeps who are boning? Maybe.

-- Madonna is frickin' ripped. Alex Rodriguez likes muscular women (Joslyn Noel Morse could beat up David Beckham). Make the connection.

-- A-Rod went on the "disabled list" April 29, but showed up at a Madonna concert April 30. Then, with Madonna on hand June 22, a clearly nervous Rodriguez was a pedestrian 1-4 with no RBIs and three men left on base.

-- Finally, Madonna's seven-year-old son, Rocco, was spotted wearing Yankees gear on June 25 while playing in Central Park. Case closed.

NO by mischalova

Why would Alex Rodriguez be having an affair with Madonna?

I know, I know: he's already been caught cheating on wife Cynthia with Joslyn Noel Morse and seems like the sort of phony individual that makes such attempts to come across as clean cut because he's actually anything but.

But let's rewind a year, when the affair with Morse became public: A-Rod was stressed. His record-breaking April (14 home runs!) was history and his Yankees were 22-29, 13.5 games out of first place when The Hollywood Gossip first broke the story.

Who wouldn't turn to a busty blonde stripper in Toronto under those circumstances?

These days, however, Rodriguez is more relaxed than Doug Wilson on Weeds.

Despite numerous injuries, the Yankees are only a few games out of the Wild Card. A-Rod signed a monstrous contract in the off-season and he's actually being greeted by cheers in the Bronx following an MVP season in 2007.

It just wouldn't make sense for Alex Rodriguez to jeopardize all that by having intercourse with Madonna.

Besides, the singer is one of the most famous women in the world. There would be a lot of pressure on anyone sleeping with her - and we all know how A-Rod performs under pressure.

Madonna and Alex Rodriguez: Just friends, or having an affair?

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