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A-Rod’s women are crawling out of the woodwork.

Yesterday, former Boston stripper Candice Houlihan.

Today, please welcome fitness model (and the former girlfriend of another major league baseball head case in John Rocker) Alicia Marie!

In an interview with the New York Daily News, Alicia Marie called Alex Rodriguez a “sweetheart” and insisted that while they have spent time alone at her apartment, they are “close friends” and nothing more.

Alicia Marie said the Yankees third baseman frequently visited her Chelsea apartment a few years ago and that the slugger lent his sympathetic ear “when I had just gone through a separation and divorce.” That’s what they all say.

“I am well aware that people will assume the absolute worst here, but Alex was, and to this day remains, just a close friend,” wrote the statuesque brunette. “Friends hang out together in each other’s apartments!”

Alicia Marie (with John Rocker, left), took a shot at Candice Houlihan (right), as well as Joslyn Morse and who knows how many others, declaring emphatically that “I am certainly not one of Alex’s attention-seeking strippers.”

Snap. While Marie denies any home runs were hit by Rodriguez at her pad, Houlihan eagerly admitted circling the bases twice with the future Hall of Famer – and said she is rooting for Cynthia Rodriguez in their divorce battle.