Possible Couple Alert: Kanye West and Selita Ebanks

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The last time we checked, Selita Ebanks was dating a hulking mass of a New York Giants defensive end, Osi Umenyiora.

So Kanye West might wanna be careful.

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After all, Life & Style is reporting that the rapper was spotted in New York City last week having dinner with Nick Cannon the Victoria's Secret model.

"They didn't look like a couple getting to know each other â€" they looked like they were already dating," said a witness. "They were openly affectionate at the dinner table, cuddling, kissing and whispering in each other's ears."

Has Kanye West seen Selita Ebanks nude?

Ebanks, of course, was engaged to Nick Cannon, who is currently married to Mariah Carey and formerly dated Kim Kardashian. In other words:

Make sure you bathe, Kanye.

** UPDATE: An Ebanks source has gone on record, saying: "They are just friends. They were with a large group that included Serena Williams and Selita's dad [at a recent Tenjune party]."

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