Face-Off: Did Bill Clinton Shag Gina Gershon?

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A new article in Vanity Fair says Bill Clinton has "visited" with Gina Gershon (among other women) since leaving the White House. But did Bubba actually close the deal with the actress? That's the subject of today's Face-Off ...


YES by mischalova

On one side of this issue, we have Bill Clinton. He's known for two things:

  1. Presiding over a peaceful nation during an era of economic prosperity;
  2. Sleeping with lots and lots of women.

If the former President was willing to have an affair while in office, are we really to believe he's kept his pants zipped while traveling the world for a decade?

Heck, Hillary probably gave him Gina Gershon's phone number, just to get him off... the campaign trail.

As for Gershon, her film resume isn't exactly taking off these days. (No offense to fans of P.S. I Love You).

As celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Lindsay Lohan have proven, publicizing your sex life can only result in a career boost.

Combine Bubba's liberal libido with Gina Gershon's hunger for fame and you get a fling made in celebrity gossip heaven.

NO by Free Britney

We can just imagine the smoke-filled Vanity Fair offices where this absurd rumor was concocted. Bill Clinton and Gina Gershon. That will sell a lot of magazines and cast a Democratic political dynasty in a negative light. Let's run with it!

This story is glorified celebrity gossip. Nothing more.

For Vanity Fair to suggest it with the slightest inkling of certainty is irresponsible. First, the media launches a conspiracy against Hillary Clinton. Now this.

What have the Clintons ever done besides try to help our country? And why would the only Democrat to win successive terms in the White House since Roosevelt risk his legacy over a mediocre piece of a$$?

Okay ... that argument doesn't hold water.

It's not that the Big Dog doesn't bark at... well, just about anything. It's that shagging Gina Gershon is a practical impossibility. Yes, she's a C-list celebrity, but high-profile enough to make a sordid love tryst hard to cover up.

An impressionable, hero-worshiping, fame-whore of an intern, on the other hand ...


Has Bill Clinton seen Gina Gershon nude? Besides in Showgirls, that is?

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