Ashley Dupre vs. Joe Francis: The Legal Battle Continues

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Lawyers for Girls Gone Wild sleazebag Joe Francis have subpoenaed Ashley Alexandra Dupre, a.k.a. Eliot Spitzer's hooker, to testify under oath, on video, about her shady and sordid dealings with a prostitution ring.

Following her rise to fame as Spitzer's call girl du jour, Dupre filed a $10 million suit against Francis after GGW offered her $1 million - and then rescinded the deal after they found video of her in their vaults.

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Ashley Dupre, 23, had partied with Joe Francis and the GGW gang while she was a teenager, years ago, in Florida. Naturally.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre vs. Joe Francis: Do we have to pick a side?

Lawyers for Girls Gone Wild plan to grill Ashley Dupre on a litany of topics.

Their goal is to prove that her previous use of fake names, fake IDs, fake web sites and much more will damage the shady lady's credibility.

Francis and his attorneys say after they're done with her, they're confident "any jury will view her claims as frivolous."

For his part, Joe Francis says:

"Now that we are calling on her to testify under oath, the world will learn the real truth about Ashley Dupre."

Oh, snap! Better lawyer up, "Kristen."

Dupre's New York lawyer, Don Buchwald, responded to the statement made by Joe Francis, telling celebrity gossip site TMZ:

"To the extent her testimony is needed, she will of course comply with whatever the rules are in Florida courts."

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It is incomprehensible that Ms. Dupré could claim she did not give her consent to be filmed by Girls Gone Wild, when in fact we have videotape of her giving consent, while showing her identification.

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