Whitney Port Discusses The Hills Drama

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Their relationship recently became strained on The Hills â€" but are Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge in the midst of a minor disagreement or full-on feud?

Their co-star, Whitney Port, thinks it's the former.

"Living with girls can be really difficult and it's inevitable that you aren't always going to get along," Port said at Social Life magazine's party celebrating her June cover in Watermill, N.Y., on Saturday.

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"I think that's what they're going through but it gets magnified times a million on reality television," Whitney added.

"I think that they're just having normal roommate drama and it'll all mend itself."

Unlike her costars, Whitney Port manages to keep her drama off the show.

Calling it a "completely conscious decision," she reveals that she went into it thinking she wanted to be completely career-oriented.

"Having cameras around you on a date or with your family members is just so uncomfortable," says the 23-year-old Los Angeles native.

Still, the family of Whitney Port gets a kick out of the show.

"They think it's crazy," she says.

"I have two younger sisters and an older sister and brother, and they watch it and just think it's weird and surreal. But, you know, they laugh about it with me."

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