The Hills Recap: "No Place Like Home"

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Home may be where the heart is, but things aren't altogether sweet in the home of Lauren Conrad (LC) on this episode of The Hills.

Roommates Lauren Bosworth (Lo) and Audrina Patridge aren't really jiving, and the tension between them is getting worse by the minute.

While LC and Lo want to go tanning and shopping, Audrina has to go to Epic Records' studio, where the band Alkaline Trio is recording, for work.

You Know What You Did

She really wants the Laurens to stop by and see her, and they do, for about 15 seconds, before Lo complains about being hungry and they bail.

Lo denies any sort of blame by saying she's "just not cool enough to hang with bands," but Lauren Conrad is sad that her roomies haven't bonded.

If you thought Audrina Patridge's life was complicated, it pales in comparison to the reality show's other protagonist, the plastic-surgery loving Heidi Montag.

The fake-looking, duck-lipped bimbo decides that she wants to take her career to the next level. Her boss, club promoter / owner Brent Bolthouse, taps Heidi to help launch his new Hyde club - in Las Vegas! HOT!

She confides in Stephanie Pratt about the move, but asks that she not tell her brother, saying "It's something that I have to do for myself."

Back at Casa Conrad, Lauren and Lauren are cooing over their new puppy, who they have named Chloe. They gush that Chloe has two moms! *sniff*

Audrina? Not thrilled. Either she doesn't like dogs, or her roommates, or feeling left out. Or quite possibly a little from each category.

Patridge complains to Justin Brescia (a.k.a. Justin-Bobby) about feeling ostracized, and - ever the sage, level-headed influence one should always turn to - the unclean one recommends that Audrina start looking for other places to live on her own.

She's considering it, too.

Later, Stephanie kicks Spencer Pratt's lazy ass out of her apartment. His response: "I'll be gone. By the end. Of the day. Get out. Of my face."


With nowhere to go, he returns to Heidi's apartment unannounced, but when he gets there, he's shocked to discover she's nowhere to be seen...

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A Laguna Beach alumna, the gorgeous Lauren Conrad has gone on to be the star of its spin-off series, The Hills. Back in her high school... More »
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