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Former nanny Jessica Gibson has accused Rob Lowe of dropping his pants.

Now, the actor wants a California court to drop the lawsuit filed against him by Gibson.

Lowe is asking the court to dismiss portions of a countersuit against him by the woman who says he showed her his genitals one too many times, according to documents released yesterday.

Rob Lowe Snapshot
Photo via Getty Images for iHeartMedia

“Each of Gibson’s [accusations] is completely unfounded … but nine of those … are subject to immediate dismissal because she has failed … to even allege the essential elements of a claim of relief,” Lowe’s attorney Larry Stein wrote.

Among the charges Stein wants to see dismissed are: unpaid overtime, meals and rest periods. Penis flashing, evidently, would still be on the table.

A court date to hear the request for dismissal is set for June 19.