New Couple Alert: Ashley Olsen & Justin Bartha

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She gets around like a record and resembles a troll (with bad fashion sense), but peeps still wanna date Ashley Olsen for whatever reason.

According to the New York Post, friends of Ashley are a bit concerned over her newest rumored beau - National Treasure actor Justin Bartha.

No sooner did Ashley Olsen have a romantic dinner with him at Patsy's in New York's Midtown, than stories of his strange behavior emerged.

"He's a little bit psycho-y," said one source who knows Bartha.

"He's a really cute, nice guy, but he was always jumping out of the shot when Lydia Hearst [Bartha's former girlfriend, who went on to date Cisco Adler of all people] was being photographed... It's a little strange that he would go after a girl [Ashley Olsen] who is always having her photo taken."

Is Ashley Olsen in over her head with Justin Bartha?

After Hearst ended her relationship with Bartha, "he didn't take it well" and even went so far as to "scream at her and call her a bitch."

"Lydia (who is guest starring on Gossip Girl tonight) broke up with him in August 2007, and at the In Style party during the Oscars in February 2008, Justin went up to her and yelled at her in front of everyone," said an insider who witnessed the incident.

When the couple broke up, Justin Bartha was evidently crushed.

"Lydia was so young, and he was just too intense about her," the source said.

"Justin is still really pi$$ed that she broke up with him in August."

Bartha's reps didn't return multiple calls and e-mails.

Hopefully he and Ashley make a nice couple, and he's a little less insane.


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