Lindsay Lohan Actually Shows Up For Work

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Gone are those bad ol' days of driving drunk, snorting coke and screwing every male in sight being late to the set!

Lindsay Lohan - who began shooting her guest role on ABC's Ugly Betty on Saturday - has been earning rave reviews from the cast and crew.

Recovering Actress

"She was terrific - a pleasure," Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta said. "She came in early and was very pleasant."

Maybe this is what Lilo needs to get back in the swing of work and turn her train wreck life around, a la Britney Spears on How I Met Your Mother.

On the America Ferrera-driven series, Horta says Lindsay Lohan will play Kimberly, "a queen bee girl who Betty went to high school with. They're going to run into each other. Kimberly's life has taken a turn for the worst."

Lindsay will return for five episodes next season, but first, Lohan's Ugly Betty character appears on this spring's May 22 season finale "in a flashback" dodge ball game:

"Kimberly is doing the picking, and it doesn't turn out well for Betty."

Hopefully, Ryan Piers Williams bucks this trend and picks America Ferrera for good one of these years. Get engaged, already!


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