American Idol Finalists are Taken Out to the Ball Game

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Before they compete against each other on American Idol tonight, David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado watched others compete this weekend across the professional sports landscape.

Each American Idol finalist performed in front of thousands of fans, using the opportunity to ready themselves for this evening's pressure-packed semifinal round.

First up, David Cook sang "Take Me Out the the Ball Game" during a Kansas City Royals game. It was the most excitement the franchise has seen this decade. Watch the performance HERE.

David Cook threw out the first pitch before a Royals game.

Meanwhile, Syesha Mercado sung the National Anthem prior to a Tampa Bay Rays game. The star can only hope she remains as hot as this franchise, which has won five games in a row. Watch her performance NOW.

Who should Syesha Mercado make this out to?

How did David Archuleta fit into this sports-themed weekend? You'll have to follow the jump on this article to find out.

This season's favorite went home to Murray, Utah and took time out to sing the National Anthem at a Jazz vs. Los Angeles Lakers playoff game. He must have been good luck. The Jazz prevailed.

Aside from waiving to fans, David Archuleta sang for them. Watch the performance right now!

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