The Hills Recap: "A New Roommate"

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Heidi Montag is determined to have a good girls' night out.

Even after Stephanie Pratt reveals that Lauren Conrad could show up at the same club, Goa (like, EVERYbody goes to Goa on Thursdays, OMG).

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Heidi is undeterred by the LC factor, musing to Stephanie Pratt that "Maybe this will be the first time it's okay because I feel like she always had a problem with me because of Spencer and now that I'm not really with him... " Sure thing, girl.

At Goa, Heidi spots none other than Justin-Bobby (aka Justin Brescia), and goes to go warn Audrina Patridge about her dirtball ex's presence.

When Lauren Conrad goes to get a drink, Heidi makes her move, deftly avoiding LC and seeing Audrina. Justin-Bobby makes his way over as well.

When LC returns, two of her least favorite people are at her table. W... T... F. She says nothing to either of them directly, but is clearly far from pleased ... this was definitely one of the more awkward scenes in The Hills history.

"Oh my God, I have to leave this table immediately," she declares before grabbing BFF Lauren Bosworth (Lo) and bolting for the Goa doors.

The next day, Audrina Patridge meets up with Justin-Bobby Brescia one-on-one for conversation and drinks. He's a little bit more clean-cut than last season, while mumbling less, but come on, it's still Justin-Bobby. What a loser.

Days later, Heidi Montag goes to Stephanie's condo, only to find the great Spencer Pratt home alone, lounging around as usual. What does he even do in life?

Heidi, who honestly looks like more like a streetwalking hooker in each episode of The Hills, tells him about that night. Spencer doesn't care.

"I know you want to vent about this," the always-honest Spencer Pratt says to her, "but I really have no sympathy for you." SNAP!

As Heidi leaves, Spencer keeps jabbing at her:

"It was great seeing you. Enjoy your space."

Amazing. Finally, Lauren and Lo discuss moving and "getting a house" (code for somehow throwing down $2 million for an L.A. mansion) together. They debate whether or not they should invite Audrina to move in too. They seem torn.

Also torn? Audrina herself. While it seems that neither Audrina, nor LC and Lo, want Audrina to move in with them, she says she's in! Yay... we guess.

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