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Richie Sambora has plea bargained his way out of his DUI case, pleading no contest to driving with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher.

The driving under the influence charges were dismissed, and prosecutors did not file child endangerment charges against the Bon Jovi guitarist.

Sambora was popped for DUI last month while his 10-year-old daughter Ava was in the car. Sambora had a .13 blood alcohol level.

Although the brass at the Laguna Beach Police Department recommended that prosecutors file child endangerment charges, the rank and file cops who busted Sambora felt the evidence didn’t support that. Prosecutors agreed.

Richie Sambora’s contribution to our celebrity mug shot gallery.

Sambora had one of the most effective criminal defense lawyers on his side – Blair Berk, who has repped many celebs like Mel Gibson to Lindsay Lohan.

The stars also aligned in his favor: prosecutor Dennis Conway is considered pretty fair and therefore didn’t file child endangerment just to get some PR.

Furthermore, judge Craig Robison didn’t do the whole “I’m so frickin’ tough with celebrities” act we’ve seen others pull (the Paris Hilton case comes to mind).

Richie Sambora will pay a $390 fine plus penalties – total damage around $1,600. He’ll be placed on three years’ probation and must attend an alcohol education course. He cannot drink or do drugs during his probation.